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For times when you need a little emotional pampering, this indulgent treatment helps to harmonise and rejuvenate the spirits.

These treatments can be reserved at any time and all treatments include robe, slippers and use of hydrotherapy pool for 30 minutes.

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Inner Strength (80 mins) (£90)

The Inner Strength treatment is ideal for anyone experiencing their own personal trauma, or simply those needing a nurturing treatment to help draw upon their inner strength. The treatment begins with a frankincense inhalation, followed by a foot cleanse with heated mitts. A rich, deeply nourishing oil, is then applied to the palms of the hands and soles of the feet, followed by paraffin wax, renowned for its comforting properties. The back and legs are then treated to a deeply nurturing massage with Inner Strength Body Oil, followed by the application of paraffin wax. The treatment goes on to work on the face and scalp, including the incorporation of hot stone placement and massage techniques designed to deeply comfort, nurture and support.

Clear Your Mind (80 mins) (£90)

Calm a stressed and confused head with a refreshing yet soothing experience for body, mind and soul. A camomile and olive grain scrub refreshes legs and feet before you are treated to a spiritually uplifting inhalation of frankincense and a traditional aromatherapy massage to target symptoms of stress. A blend of camomile, petitgrain and rosemary helps to calm and cleanse your thoughts, whilst an Ayurvedic scalp and facial massage works on your complete wellbeing to relieve anxiety and emotional exhaustion. Perfect for a troubled mind, this is an effective treatment any time of day to refresh your memory and get your brain back on track.

Uplift Your Mood (80 mins) (£90)

A truly indulgent and emotionally pampering ritual to harmonise and rejuvenate. This is a complete experience that works on all the senses to boost your emotional wellbeing, whilst treating the body to some nurturing hands-on therapy. This treatment begins with a gentle olive grain exfoliation to legs and feet, followed by an application of vitamin rich wheatgerm oil to cuticles and dry skin. A pressure point massage with uplifting oils of geranium, frankincense and rose encourage feelings of inner harmony, whilst a warm freshwater mud mask to the face works on your outer radiance. Combined with a relaxing scalp massage using a rich, conditioning hair oil infused with pure essential oils, body and soul are simultaneously nourished and uplifted.

PLEASE NOTE: It is advisable to wait 6 months post surgery before receiving any Lavender Health Spa treatments.